Vintage No 7

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Home-grown & farm-fresh yarn! Shetland/Fine Wool/Mohair 41/41/18

Blended from fleeces from my Shetland flock, local fine wool fleeces, and yearling mohair. The texture is pillowy and bouncy, and is more polished and less rustic. The 3-ply construction minimizes shedding and maximizes stitch definition--perfect for a quick cabled hat or mittens.

Peat is a deep, earthy brown-grey.

Oatmeal is warm neutral, with the subtlest flecks of ginger from my migoet (light brown) Shetlands. 

As with all Vintage yarns, fleeces and rovings are hand-selected as the best of its kind and for the unique qualities it contributes to the final blend. I look for fibers that are are extremely soft but resistant to pilling. Minimal and gentle processing without the use of harsh chemicals means there may be the occasional bit of vegetable matter, but it also means that the yarn retains its sheepy characteristics and organic handle.

Bulky weight
Gauge: 12 - 14 sts = 4” (10 cm)

Weight / Yardage: 4.2 oz /125 yd (119 gr / 114 m)

Care: Hand wash in cool water and dry flat

Vintage No. 7 has been skeined and washed, but swatching is always recommended. Farm yarn is more dynamic than commercially spun yarn, and will bloom significantly after blocking.