Vintage No. 1

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Fingering weight

Gauge: 26 - 30 sts = 4 in (10 cm)

Weight / yardage: App. 2.5 oz / 280 yds (71 g / 256 m)

Fiber content: 60% CVM / 25% Shetland / 15% Silk

Farms of origin: Marushka Farms, Danville PA, Ewe Can Do It Farm, Ottsville PA. Processed by Gurdy Run Mill, Halifax PA

Middle brook Fiberworks presents Vintage No. 1. This artisanal yarn is a sumptuous blend of hand-selected fleeces from Shetland and CVM (California Variegated Mutant) sheep, raised by small independent farmers. The natural brown, warm grey, and ivory tones of the wool are enhanced by a glimmer of silk--golden muga for the Chestnut (dark brown) and Beech (warm grey), creamy tussah for the Almond (ivory). The colors evoke winter landscapes, sharp cold days warmed by afternoon light. 

California Variegated Mutant (CVM) is a natural-colored derivative breed of the Romeldale, sporting badger face markings and fleeces colors in black, brown, and grey. Descended from crossing Romney rams with Rambouillet ewes, the CVM/Romeldale is an American breed and is listed by the Livestock Conservancy as a critically endangered Heritage Breed. Marie Minnich's flock, in Danville, PA, is considered a gold standard among CVM fleeces, for its fine micron count and consistent crimp.

With a history that spans thousands of years, resulting in a breed that produces small-yielding fleeces in 11 recognized colors, 30 marking patterns, and wildly varied fiber characteristics, Shetland sheep will never be a commercial one-hit wonder. For the handspinner or smallholder, who would prefer a 2 lb. fleece of unique textures and shadings over 15 lbs. of consistent white fleece, the breed is a treasure. The Shetland fleeces used in Vintage No. 1 come from Judy Leherhaupt, in Ottsville, PA, who raises her prize-wining flock with love and dedication. As a master spinner, she is committed to improving her breeding stock of healthy sheep with exceptionally fine (or kindly, as it's called on the Shetland Islands) fleece.  

Muga silk is a naturally golden color, produced by semi-wild larvae that are raised only in Assam, India. It is one of the rarest silks in the world, and virtually unheard of in a yarn blend. 

Vintage No. 1 embodies the characteristics of a woolen spun yarn with its airy and lightweight handle, and minor variation in thickness. It retains all the bounce, loft, and crispness of the highest quality wool fleeces and yields an elegant fabric with excellent body and refined finish.

Although it measures as a fingering weight, it can be knit at a sport gauge. Swatching is highly recommended.