Sheep-To-Yarn Private Tutorial Series
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Series of 3 Private Tutorials

Session 1: Introduction to Handspinning and Fiber Study 

We'll cover wheel mechanics, and find out exactly how wool fleece becomes yarn. After becoming familiar with spinning wool, we'll explore the fiber differences between sheep breeds, and sample other animal and plant fibers.

Session 2: Intermediate Handspinning and Fiber Processing & Dyeing

We'll ply our singles yarn from the first session, and try out some different plying technique and learn how plying affects the finished yarn. We'll wash different types of raw fibers, such as fleece, mohair locks, and silk. Then we'll dye our washed fibers using the immersion method with acid dyes.

Session 3: Fiber Preparation and Spinning Art Yarn 

We'll use the fibers we washed and dyed in the previous session and learn how to prepare fleece for spinning. We'll use wool combs to make combed top, hand carders to make rolags, and a drum carder to blend large art batts with non-traditional add-ins such as whole locks, silk thread and silk fibers. 


Each session is 3 hours, and we'll work together to schedule dates and times. All supplies and equipment are provided. Weather permitting, we'll spend some time with my flock of Shetland sheep and examine fleece "on the hoof."